Tailored Care Management in NC

Care Management Application Process is well underway

With a goal of whole-person care management, provider-based care management promotes integrated care and offers beneficiaries choice in how they receive care management. Effective, integrated and well-coordinated care management depends on care team members having the ability to efficiently exchange member health information and use that information to monitor and respond to medical and nonmedical issues that could impact beneficiaries.

The success of Tailored Care Management will depend upon Behavioral Health I/DD Tailored Plans, Advanced Medical Home Plus (AMH+) practices, Care Management Agencies (CMAs), pharmacies, and physical health, behavioral health and I/DD providers utilizing a coordinated approach to beneficiary care.

OnTarget users are finding our integrated platform to be a useful tool in preparation for this new service opportunity. As always, OnTarget intends to lead the way in North Carolina and we are actively collaborating with our customers who are applying to be an AMH+/CMA.

Round 2 Application Period for Tailored Care Management Certification Closes Sept. 30, 2021.

AMH+/CMA Certification Round One Desk Reviews Completed

NC Medicaid advanced 54 providers to the site review stage.

The Department has conducted desk reviews of round one Advanced Medical Home Plus (AMH+) practices/Care Management Agencies (CMAs) provider applications and advanced 54 providers to the site review stage. Providers will be able to receive technical assistance from NC AHEC to prepare for site reviews. The Department will share more information on preparation and timing for site reviews with providers moving to this stage.

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