Tailored Care Management Updates

Provider Manual Updated – The updated Tailored Care Management Provider Manual reflects changes to the Tailored Care Management model since the December 2020 version of the manual. Notable changes include updates to the Tailored Care Management certification process, care management staffing, care management assignment methodology, transitional care management, health information technology and care management payments approach. 

Updated Rate Guidance – This update provides the final Tailored Care Management rates for Contract Year 1 and additional detail on the development of the rates. Key updates include final rates by acuity tier for Contract Year 1, the inclusion of care manager extender, caseload and cost assumptions in the final rates, as well as an Innovations/Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Waiver Add-On payment. Additional details are available in the full Tailored CM Rate Guidance document.

Round Two Desk Reviews Complete – From this round of application and desk reviews, 32 additional provider agencies are being advanced to the site review stage. This is in addition to the 54 agencies approved during the first round back in August, 2021.

For additional details, see the NCDHHS January 28, 2022 blog post, or any of our previous news updates. 

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