Our solutions are efficient because they integrate and help automate your operation, across your entire organization.

In mathematics, solution means, “the answer itself.” Whatever the question, we believe that our modules are the solution. OnTarget is designed to support and serve your entire operation. From the direct care staff documenting service delivery on the go, to the CFO who has to account for every dollar spent, our clinical, payroll, finance or webforms solutions will move your organization forward. With OnTarget integrated into your business, you’ll find the solution.


Stay focused on your people, we’ll take care of the rest.

Clinicians and caregivers are special people who serve others tirelessly. We know your work is important. That’s why we’ve designed OnTarget to be the most efficient resource to support you and your work.

Billing and AR

When margins are tight, you have to capture every possible penny.

OnTarget Billing gives you the greatest advantage at 100% collection rates.
With our integrated billing system it’s easy to reconcile what’s been billed with what’s been delivered, while ensuring your service delivery’s all in compliance, you can be sure that your billing is at its most collectable.


You take care of your business, let us handle Uncle Sam.

Calculate wages, pay staff by check or direct deposit, track leave policies, manage personnel records, generate tax liability reports, and integrate with timesheets driven
by actual clinical work. This is just the tip of the iceberg with OnTarget Payroll.


You’re going to have a lot more free time on your hands with an integrated accounting system.

With your general ledger managed right alongside your revenue and wage expenses, the bulk of your accounting is already in place. OnTarget Accounting incorporates all the debits and credits from activity generated across your entire organization. Use our AP module to manage and pay vendors, or tie AP checks back to payroll garnishments.


Paperwork is a thing of the past.

OnTarget Webforms gives you the opportunity to go truly digital. With a simple import, bring your agency’s clinical or personnel forms and documents to life inside OnTarget. These digital forms can be sent out for electronic signatures when necessary and ultimately fill out the body of your charts and records.