Send forms and capture electronic signatures with OnTarget’s Webforms and Digital Signing workflow.

We know your care is critical during these trying times.

OnTarget Webforms and Digital Signing

The coronavirus pandemic quickly overhauled how healthcare will be delivered with Stay-At-Home, Shelter-In-Place and Social Distancing orders in place.
Getting face to face with service recipients and co-workers is harder than ever. Being able to share critical documentation and to get signatures remotely is vital.
Our Webforms and electronic signatures features allow you to share that critical information along with easily capturing digital signatures.

• Don’t waste it on paperwork.
• Focus on the essential needs.
• Share important information with team members.
• Stay compliant.

Watch our video to learn how to send forms electronically for digital signatures.

Is social distancing making it hard to get signatures? You should try OnTarget’s webforms:

  • Simple and Intuitive
  • High Level of Security
  • Convenient
  • Faster Turnaround

With OnTarget you can request 3rd party signatures and obtain employee signatures through OnTarget’s Tasks.

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