Main Line: 704-343-9688
  • OnTarget provides the most impactful authorized service utilization and denial rates available
  • State HIE compliance
  • Unlimited client records, incidence reporting and schedule access
  • Complimentary training and access to learning module system
  • Proprietary billing engine with auto rebilling
  • Mobile site
  • Check and balance between service provided, staff, billing, and payroll
  • Reduce operational bottlenecks
  • Improve billing process
  • Increase focus on customers
  • Manage operational margins and cash flow
  • Reduce billing denials
  • MCO/Payer interaction
  • Easy platform navigation – access to all modules from dashboard
  • Profit center not a cost center
  • Accountability and proactive management of your agency
  • Calendar view scheduling
  • Unlimited number of clients
  • Domestic support services
  • Billing is direct to your payer – no clearinghouse

We have a wide range of features to suit anyone’s needs.


  • Demographics with photos
  • Google Maps awareness
  • Admission, discharge, and transfer tracking о Consent, assessments, and due date tracking
  • Comprehensive medical charting with vitals
  • Medication record with eMar and ePrescribe
  • DSM 5 library cross-walked to ICD – 10
  • Treatment planning with links to documentation


  • Integrated with scheduling and notes engines
  • Auto import of service documentation
  • Employee signature and supervisor approval
  • Auto import into payroll
  • Report on out of cycle late times


  • Proprietary billing engine automates billing tasks
  • Import service notes, batch and bill in minutes
  • Automated rebilling
  • Real-time access to 837, 835, 999, and 277 payment files
  • Real time posting of 835 file to system
  • No clearinghouse
  • Billing expert access


  • Validation engine for client, staff and authorizations
  • Intelligent rules prompting per service code
  • Complete audit trail
  • Schedule lock prevents unapproved hours
  • Late note entry validation


  • Multi-state, multi-pay cycle support
  • Direct deposit
  • Auto emailing of pay stubs/view online
  • Pay types linked to billable or non-billable services
  • Elimination of data entry through timesheet import W2/1099 Support
  • Detailed reporting by payroll and quarterly
  • Periodic Compliance Reporting
  • Automatic Timely Tax Payments

General Ledger/Accounts Payable

  • Auto posting from subsidiary journals
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Custom defined GL distributions by vendor
  • Cash requirements/AP aging by date

Accounts Receivable

  • Auto posting of 835 remittance files
  • Denials management tool
  • Client statements