Hard work deserves to be rewarded.

OnTarget’s online Payroll allows you to manage and pay your staff with one click without worrying about tax calculations, deductions or the logistics.

We’ve got you covered.

Start to finish, OnTarget makes processing checks simple.

Integrated with our clinical module, your payroll is always supported by signed and validated documented services. Employees and contractors can manage their timeclock, timesheets, and pay stubs, all in the platform where they’re already working every day. Leave balances, deductions, garnishments, direct deposit, tax compliance reporting, W2s and 1099s; you name it, we do it. Utilizing OnTarget’s payroll alongside with the clinical and billing modules will undoubtedly yield cost savings for your business. 

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OnTarget is best experienced in person. We will be glad to show you how OnTarget can help your organization see significant improvements in operational efficiencies, increased financial results and enhanced clinical outcomes.