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Documentation is key in human services.  Notes and scheduling are essential. Without notes you can’t measure outcomes, justify services, or even get paid for them.  Our documentation engine is both powerful and flexible.  It contains industry standard note types like PIE, SOAP, GRID and others, but more importantly you can customize it to meet your specific needs.  The entire workflow is validated at all points in the note life-cycle and all note activity seamlessly moves through the billing process once approved.

  • Integrated with treatment plan & authorization
  • Extensive validation engine—Client, Staff, Authorization
  • Intelligent prompting rules per service code
  • Extensive customization—add unlimited fields
  • Automated outcomes reports by client & service
  • Complete audit trail with revision history
  • “Schedule lock” prevents unapproved hours
  • Validation engine prevents late note entry

Scheduling is the heartbeat of any human services agency.  Consumers and staff members are constantly coming and going and you need a way to plan and monitor what everyone is doing.

Our intuitive calendar tool lets you do just that and more!  You can manage the entire agency’s calendar, or just your own, all backed by the OnTarget validation engine to ensure that non-compliant activities are prevented from happening

  • Easy to use visual scheduler with drag and drop
  • Customizable, color-coded status levels
  • Full access, limited, or read only views
  • Powerful recurrence tools for bulk scheduling
  • Full validation of all client, service and staff data
  • “Lock-down” documentation to schedules