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OnTarget provides significant financial benefit to your agency in actual dollars.

Actual authorized service billing percentages of over 95% and actual claims received of over 99% are the norm with OnTarget.

Financial Comparison

Current Model vs. OnTarget

An agency may well have $7,000,000 in authorized services to bill.  However, the reality is not always as cut and dry.

What is the percentage of authorized services actually billed?

What are the actual claims received percentage of those billed authorized services?

A small $7,000,000 agency can be leaving over $1,200,000 in yearly revenue on the table.

Account’s Perceived Annual Billing $7,000,000
What Percent of Authorized Services Actually Billed 85%
Actual Claims Received Percentage 90%
Current Model OnTarget Connect Platform
Perceived Billing $7,000,000 $7,000,000
Actual Billing Percent and $ Value 85% / $5,950,000 95% / $6,650,000
Actual Claims Received Percent and $ Value 90% / $5,355,000 99% / $6,583,500

Yearly Value Provided Utilizing OnTarget $1,228,500

*OnTarget Platform values are based on an actual $35,000,000 IDD agency