EVV Implementation moved to June 30, 2021

EVV implementation deadline extended for Innovations and TBI Waivers Administered by LME-MCO's

On Wednesday, March 17, 2021, NCDHHS announced:

” NC Medicaid implementation of Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) for the Innovations Waiver, TBI Waiver and (b)(3) services administered by the LME-MCOs has been moved to June 30, 2021. This new date is to allow for additional testing and provider training.

Providers should continue to work with the applicable LME-MCOs to prepare for the June 30, 2021, EVV implementation date for Innovations Waiver, TBI Waiver and (b)(3) services administered by the LME-MCOs.”

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How did we get here?

For the third time, EVV implementation in North Carolina has been extended. Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), a component of the 21st Century Cures Act, was originally slated to go live January 1, 2020. North Carolina was granted a good faith effort extension for one year from CMS in November, 2019. In December the deadline was moved to April 2, 2021 and as of Wednesday (3/17/2021) the deadline has been moved again to June, 30, 2021.

Providers have the option to use the HHAeXchange platform to clock-in or to integrate through their electronic health record, but neither path seems to have been well-paved. Testing opportunities have been limited, confirmation of billing data transmission to the MCOs is lacking, and the list of unanswered questions is growing. One major area of concern is how to handle the now exempt RaDSEs from the clock-in requirement altogether. Currently, there is no distinction in CPT code for Community Living and Supports for care provided by a RaDSE (Relative as Direct Support Employee), thus no way to differentiate when a clock-in record is required. 

While providers, EHR vendors, and MCOs alike are all likely breathing a sigh of relief with this latest extension, there may be consequences. North Carolina is at risk for reductions in federal medical assistance percentage (FMAP) every quarter that the state is out of compliance. 

The OnTarget team has been hard at work to stay ahead of all deadlines.

One of the most popular core values in our organization is “Every Voice Matters.” With that in mind, we keep listening to our customers and we are excited to share some of our new EVV features. 

Some of our most recent EVV releases include Clocking In and Out from your mobile device, as well as being able to Edit Timeclock in case you were not able to clock in or out at the right time and location.

OnTarget users are actively piloting our EVV features and implementing internal protocol to support their DSP’s. Preparing now is critical for success before June 30.

Watch some of our tutorial videos to see OnTarget in action.

Schedule a demo today if you would like to learn more.

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