EVV Implementation Flexibilities in NC

The implementation of EVV in North Carolina is underway, in spite of shifting deadlines and requirements. State funded services requiring EVV are being managed through Sandata and went live January 1 with a trial period in place for providers through the end of January. Last week DHHS announced that providers who are showing a good faith effort to connect with Sandata will not be subject to recoupment for services delivered through March 31, 2021. 


Different timelines

EVV services that are managed by the LME/MCOs are under a different timeline. These services will be monitored through a different aggregator: HHAeXchange. For more information on which services will require verification with HHAeXchange, click here for an update from Alliance Health. To ensure EVV implementation aligns with current billing processes for the Innovations and TBI waiver programs, as well as for (b)(3) services administered by LME/MCOs, EVV implementation of those programs is planned for April 2, 2021. 


OnTarget’s commitment to integration

While some EHR systems have made the decision to not connect with EVV aggregators, the core principle of our software is integration. We believe that individuals and organizations find greater efficiency with automation and a single point of data entry. OnTarget will be integrated with HHAeXchange to ensure that our users can clock in, document, manage their entire client record and bill directly to the MCOs within a single system. All your clients, all your services, all your employees and all your billing in just one platform. 

To learn more about how your organization can use OnTarget for EVV services – and more – send us an email at sales@aymira.com or, click here to request a demo. If you’d like more information on how OnTarget will collect EVV data, check out our brief training video

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