Credential Type

Do little mistakes cause big delays in payments?

Credential Type

OnTarget’s Credential Type functionality is an easy-to-use solution, designed to ensure you and your 
staff always document against correct service codes.

Easier decisions, less clicks, more time to focus on what’s important. And ensure you are billing the correct service code based on the employee’s credentialing. 

You can create credential types based on:

  • Education level
  • Type of service performed
  • Any other grouping as needed to control service selection

Watch our video to learn more about Credential Types and how to limit which services staff can write notes for in the system.

OnTarget contains the functionality allowing you to associate employees with custom credential types to limit which services they are able write notes for in the system.

There is no limit on the types or number of services you can assign each credential type. An employee can only be assigned one credential type.

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