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Ontarget is uniquely qualified for the changes involved in our industry.  Many of the strategies and requirements that are being rolled into the IDD/MH world are already addressed within the OnTarget Platform.

  • Measurement and Management of Clinical Outcomes
  • Integrated Care
  • Collaborative Care
  • Value Based Care
  • Mobile Application
  • Electronic Visit Verification
  • Performance and quality metrics

Our client record is built to be a natural fit whether you are just moving into electronic records for the first time, or you’re transitioning from another EMR system.   Store essentials like vitals, medications, lab orders, plus with our document management system (DMS) you can upload and store any document.

  • Demographics with photos
  • Google™ Maps awareness for all addresses
  • Track admissions, discharges and transfers
  • Track consents and assessments and due dates
  • Comprehensive medical charting with vitals
  • Medication record with eMAR and ePrescribe
  • DSM 5 library cross-walked to ICD-9 and ICD-10
  • Treatment Planning with links to documentation