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Is your practice prescribing medications electronically?

OnTarget’s ePrescribe is a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution for electronic prescribing, designed to ensure you and your service recipients are covered every step of the way. Save time and eliminate phone calls for you and your staff with electronic prescribing.

ePrescribe with OnTarget

Are you adhering to state mandates requiring controlled substances to be prescribed electronically??

Electronic prescribing for controlled substances (EPCS) has gained popularity in recent months as a way to better track opioid use and reduce fraud and misuse. Many states have already implemented their own EPCS mandates, but the federal government and even private companies also have gotten involved. Following the federal mandate, many states have put forth legislations with similar laws. New York, for example, was the first state to mandate EPCS back in 2016. Today, 21 states have an EPCS mandate in place. An additional 17 states have future effective dates and 5 have proposed EPCS legislations. 

If you are already ePrescribing, are your prescribers leveraging our newer functionality that shows bulk refill request and pending scripts? See video below for info.

Make it easy for your MD’s and NP’s to:

• Refill medications

• Receive requests for prescription changes

• Receive Pending Scripts notifications

Check out our help site to learn about OnTarget features that can help your organization.

Bulk notifications, since reliable and speedy communication has never been more important!

Easily send messages at once to all of your OnTarget users!
Or, for added flexibility, send to only a certain group of users – whether by job title or by office location.

OnTarget Notifications

This pandemic has dared all of us to lean into digital solutions more than ever. We are learning new things everyday and in response must adjust to the normal way of operating. Making those adjustments requires constant communication. OnTarget’s notifications feature allows you to do just that.
Communicate easily and effectively with your agency and ensure staff are reading your messages by enforcing their acknowledgement prior to completing any work inside the system. For added insurance, they can also receive the notification directly in their email accounts.

Watch our video to learn how to send messages in a step-by-step tutorial.

Check out our help site to learn about OnTarget features that can help your organization.

The Notifications Dashlet allows you to send task notifications in bulk.  Please note that access to the Notifications Dashlet is typically reserved for security administrator/HR level users only. Restricting this prevents users across the board from sending mass messages and bogging down tasks unnecessarily.

What’s the cost of a quality integrated EHR for mental health and intellectual or developmental disability service providers?

Whats 1% of your agency?

The Percentage of Cost for a Quality Integrated EHR Agency Management Platform Against Total Billing Revenue. EHR costs should not keep your organization away.

Cost of Quality EHR for IDD and Mental Health Providers
Cost of Quality EHR for IDD and Mental Health Providers

If you are like most agencies, increased costs coupled with flat or declining reimbursement is one of the greatest threats to your business. 

OnTarget is an affordable, flexible, and powerful software solution designed specifically for I/DD and Mental Health provider agencies.

The OnTarget Platform has delivered results to agencies of all sizes. 

For example, an agency with over $30M in billing and $22M in payroll has recognized double digit operating margins for several years utilizing OnTarget.

What CAN 1% of your agency do for you?


1% of your agency is the cost for a quality behavioral health EHR. Let’s talk and get started driving higher performance for your agency right away!

OnTarget, puts the operation of your entire agency in one location. Clinical documentation, Quality Management, Billing, Human Resources, Payroll, and Financial Management are integrated into one platform. Through the use of OnTarget, your agency will see significant improvements in operational efficiencies, increased financial results and enhanced clinical outcomes.

Schedule a demo with us today and learn more.

Read more on how many health care providers have found that electronic health records (EHRs) help improve practice management by increasing practice efficiencies and saving costs.

OnTarget, a behavioral health EHR that does it all!

Learn just a few of the things OnTarget can do to help! Give us a call to learn more and set up a demo. We are ready to make your life easier.

Do you use multiple systems and waste time bridging the information from one platform to the next?

Are you looking for an easy solution that streamlines your organization and drives higher performance?

You’ve found it: OnTarget! The intersection of integration and automation

Built for both clinical professionals and administrative personnel, OnTarget is an integrated platform that easily connects and automates processes across thousands of features. It seamlessly controls all aspects of your agency’s business cycle and is so much more than just an EHR. Run your clinical, billing, payroll and accounting operations all from the same package! 
Reduce paperwork and stop duplicative processes. OnTarget allows organizations to automate administrative tasks, billing and payroll are nearly completed once clinical documentation is complete! Combine forces with single point of data entry, reduce human error and benefit from data integrity. 
Listen to what one of our customers had to say about ensuring compliance:
” Before OnTarget, the worry that we wouldn’t be able to put our hands on everything we needed to show an auditor would keep me up at night. Now, with OnTarget, I know that we won’t deliver services unless our staff are 100% up to date on their certifications.”
Frank W. – Compliance Officer
Prevent denials and see more money in the bank! OnTarget users average 99%+ on collection rates. Optimizing your Accounts Receivable allows you to put more resources into the quality of care you provide along with growing your business.
Track utilization and ensure service is being provided when you expect it to be provided. Leverage instantaneous reports to understand how many hours intend to be provided so you know when you are on track with service delivery. Then analyze how many of those hours are documented and billed! Or track why they weren’t provided and when.
Know when your care is working! You are invested in quality outcomes for your individuals and we want you to know when your hard work is paying off. With a system that promotes accountability, transparency and reliability you can depend on quality data to track the quality of your work. 
  • Manage your business from a single platform
  • Integrate Clinical and Operational Teams
  • Automate Administrative Tasks
  • Enforce Compliant and Audit-Proof Workflows
  • Realized Increased Collection Rates
  • Maximize Service Delivery with Utilization Tracking
  • Improve Outcome Measures

A fully integrated clinical and operational platform built for you by an agency like you.

OnTarget, an EHR solution for Behavior Health Providers

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Your EHR: Cost Center or Revenue Center?

Your EHR: Cost Center or Revenue Center?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think “Electronic Health Record”?

Some comments may not be family friendly.

More than likely, the last thing that comes to mind concerning your EHR is how much revenue it has generated for your agency this month.

However, with an Advanced Agency Management Platform such as OnTarget, that is exactly what you will be realizing.

If history within healthcare can teach us anything, then the experience of physical health organizations is one that we in the Intellectually Developmentally Disabled and Mental Health fields can learn from their experiences.

For example, hospitals have been facing decreasing reimbursement and increasing expenses for decades.  Sounds very familiar to IDD/MH.  Their profit margins and cash flow have been notoriously slim with many organizations closing.  Again, similarities to IDD/MH.

When hospitals implemented EMR systems, it was usually by stick rather than a carrot that moved them forward.

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