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Although we all provide for a mission greater than just financial, the reality is financial sustainability is more important than ever.

  • Are you capturing all of your authorized services?
  • Do you budget for high denial rates?
  • Are you billing what you service?

Ontarget’s propriety billing engine captures over 95% of authorized services with claim denials of less than 1%.


Utilization of Authorized Units

  • Do you know if you are over or under utilizing authorized services?
  • What is the impact of either?
  • Real Time or Delayed?
  • To what level can you manage? Enterprise, service, cost center, provider?
  • How quickly can you navigate to data?
  • Can you shift resources in response to status?

Under & Over Utilization

  • 20% of uncaptured revenue from authorized services can be significant.
  • What is the impact and costs associated with being 10% over utilized?
  • Proprietary billing engine automates billing tasks
  • Import service notes, batch and bill in minutes
  • Extensive customizations by payer and service
  • 837 EDI files or Institutional and Professional
  • Automated Rebilling speeds up revenue cycle
  • Extensive billed units reporting and analysis