Billing and AR

When margins are tight, you have to capture every possible penny.

OnTarget’s Billing and AR allows you to automatically bill, track and collect payments all while staying compliant with ever-changing regulations.

Start to finish, OnTarget makes your billing simple.

From utilization management to aging reports and rebilling, OnTarget’s automated system helps expedite your work. Caregivers, supervisors, program directors, and billers alike have visibility to track critical information. Everyone knows where you are with service delivery and remaining units, when an authorization will expire, how long it’s been since a service date was billed, and what corrections are needed to rebill a claim. Our internal communication system facilitates conversation and tasks around claims when needed, and our validations platform can keep your billing lock-step in line with 100% compliant service delivery documentation.

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OnTarget is best experienced in person. We will be glad to show you how OnTarget can help your organization see significant improvements in operational efficiencies, increased financial results and enhanced clinical outcomes.