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In The News: Medicaid/CHIP Provider Relief Fund

HHS is targeting funds to Medicaid and safety net providers. Application deadline July 20th.

Medicaid CHIP Provider Relief Fund

HHS expects to distribute $15 billion to eligible Medicaid/CHIP programs or Medicaid Managed Care plans. If you did not received payment from the $50 billion General Distribution and you have either directly billed your state Medicaid/CHIP programs or Medicaid Managed Care plans for healthcare-related services, you could be eligible.

$15 billion to eligible Medicaid/CHIP programs or Medicaid Managed Care plans.

Early on much of the aid that was released was distributed largely based on a provider’s revenue from Medicare and private insurance. 

This shortchanged providers with high shares of Medicaid and uninsured patients who are disproportionately low-income, the populations hardest hit by the pandemic. Just recently, HHS sought to correct the problem by targeting some funds to Medicaid and safety net providers.

Credential Type

Do little mistakes cause big delays in payments?

Credential Type

OnTarget’s Credential Type functionality is an easy-to-use solution, designed to ensure you and your 
staff always document against correct service codes.

Easier decisions, less clicks, more time to focus on what’s important. And ensure you are billing the correct service code based on the employee’s credentialing. 

You can create credential types based on:

  • Education level
  • Type of service performed
  • Any other grouping as needed to control service selection

Watch our video to learn more about Credential Types and how to limit which services staff can write notes for in the system.

OnTarget contains the functionality allowing you to associate employees with custom credential types to limit which services they are able write notes for in the system.

There is no limit on the types or number of services you can assign each credential type. An employee can only be assigned one credential type.


Is your practice prescribing medications electronically?

OnTarget’s ePrescribe is a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution for electronic prescribing, designed to ensure you and your service recipients are covered every step of the way. Save time and eliminate phone calls for you and your staff with electronic prescribing.

ePrescribe with OnTarget

Are you adhering to state mandates requiring controlled substances to be prescribed electronically??

Electronic prescribing for controlled substances (EPCS) has gained popularity in recent months as a way to better track opioid use and reduce fraud and misuse. Many states have already implemented their own EPCS mandates, but the federal government and even private companies also have gotten involved. Following the federal mandate, many states have put forth legislations with similar laws. New York, for example, was the first state to mandate EPCS back in 2016. Today, 21 states have an EPCS mandate in place. An additional 17 states have future effective dates and 5 have proposed EPCS legislations. 

If you are already ePrescribing, are your prescribers leveraging our newer functionality that shows bulk refill request and pending scripts? See video below for info.

Make it easy for your MD’s and NP’s to:

• Refill medications

• Receive requests for prescription changes

• Receive Pending Scripts notifications

Check out our help site to learn about OnTarget features that can help your organization.

Bulk notifications, since reliable and speedy communication has never been more important!

Easily send messages at once to all of your OnTarget users!
Or, for added flexibility, send to only a certain group of users – whether by job title or by office location.

OnTarget Notifications

This pandemic has dared all of us to lean into digital solutions more than ever. We are learning new things everyday and in response must adjust to the normal way of operating. Making those adjustments requires constant communication. OnTarget’s notifications feature allows you to do just that.
Communicate easily and effectively with your agency and ensure staff are reading your messages by enforcing their acknowledgement prior to completing any work inside the system. For added insurance, they can also receive the notification directly in their email accounts.

Watch our video to learn how to send messages in a step-by-step tutorial.

Check out our help site to learn about OnTarget features that can help your organization.

The Notifications Dashlet allows you to send task notifications in bulk.  Please note that access to the Notifications Dashlet is typically reserved for security administrator/HR level users only. Restricting this prevents users across the board from sending mass messages and bogging down tasks unnecessarily.

Send forms and capture electronic signatures with OnTarget’s Webforms and Digital Signing workflow.

We know your care is critical during these trying times.

OnTarget Webforms and Digital Signing

The coronavirus pandemic quickly overhauled how healthcare will be delivered with Stay-At-Home, Shelter-In-Place and Social Distancing orders in place.
Getting face to face with service recipients and co-workers is harder than ever. Being able to share critical documentation and to get signatures remotely is vital.
Our Webforms and electronic signatures features allow you to share that critical information along with easily capturing digital signatures.

• Don’t waste it on paperwork.
• Focus on the essential needs.
• Share important information with team members.
• Stay compliant.

Watch our video to learn how to send forms electronically for digital signatures.

Is social distancing making it hard to get signatures? You should try OnTarget’s webforms:

  • Simple and Intuitive
  • High Level of Security
  • Convenient
  • Faster Turnaround

With OnTarget you can request 3rd party signatures and obtain employee signatures through OnTarget’s Tasks.