OnTarget, a behavioral health EHR that does it all!

Learn just a few of the things OnTarget can do to help! Give us a call to learn more and set up a demo. We are ready to make your life easier.

Do you use multiple systems and waste time bridging the information from one platform to the next?

Are you looking for an easy solution that streamlines your organization and drives higher performance?

You’ve found it: OnTarget! The intersection of integration and automation

Built for both clinical professionals and administrative personnel, OnTarget is an integrated platform that easily connects and automates processes across thousands of features. It seamlessly controls all aspects of your agency’s business cycle and is so much more than just an EHR. Run your clinical, billing, payroll and accounting operations all from the same package! 
Reduce paperwork and stop duplicative processes. OnTarget allows organizations to automate administrative tasks, billing and payroll are nearly completed once clinical documentation is complete! Combine forces with single point of data entry, reduce human error and benefit from data integrity. 
Listen to what one of our customers had to say about ensuring compliance:
” Before OnTarget, the worry that we wouldn’t be able to put our hands on everything we needed to show an auditor would keep me up at night. Now, with OnTarget, I know that we won’t deliver services unless our staff are 100% up to date on their certifications.”
Frank W. – Compliance Officer
Prevent denials and see more money in the bank! OnTarget users average 99%+ on collection rates. Optimizing your Accounts Receivable allows you to put more resources into the quality of care you provide along with growing your business.
Track utilization and ensure service is being provided when you expect it to be provided. Leverage instantaneous reports to understand how many hours intend to be provided so you know when you are on track with service delivery. Then analyze how many of those hours are documented and billed! Or track why they weren’t provided and when.
Know when your care is working! You are invested in quality outcomes for your individuals and we want you to know when your hard work is paying off. With a system that promotes accountability, transparency and reliability you can depend on quality data to track the quality of your work. 
  • Manage your business from a single platform
  • Integrate Clinical and Operational Teams
  • Automate Administrative Tasks
  • Enforce Compliant and Audit-Proof Workflows
  • Realized Increased Collection Rates
  • Maximize Service Delivery with Utilization Tracking
  • Improve Outcome Measures

A fully integrated clinical and operational platform built for you by an agency like you.

OnTarget, an EHR solution for Behavior Health Providers

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