All EHRs are not the same — The need for an IDD specific platform

We know the Intellectually Developmentally Disabled and Mental Health space is unique. Agencies providing incredible care and nurturing support for clients is what sets the IDD/MH space apart from other aspects of healthcare.

Yet with all the advances in electronic health records (EHR), we in the IDD/MH space continue to struggle with utilization of EHRs that were designed for other specialties in mind.

A University of Arizona study indicated that the use of an IDD specific EHR template provides a greater level of comfort in residents providing care to IDD patients. It stated that all residents who took part in the study “Strongly Agree” that an IDD specific EHR template increased their knowledge and made them more comfortable to facilitate information and provide quality care to their IDD patients. The collection of important health and social indicators through the EHR improved the clinical interaction with those patients.

What does this mean to an IDD/MH agency?

Simple, all EHRs are not the same. An EHR or Agency Management Platform designed specifically for IDD/MH will collect the unique data of IDD/MH most effectively. The management of clinical outcomes, client centered programs, streamlined operations and improved financial status are a few of the aspects an IDD/MH specific platform can provide to an agency.

So whether you are upgrading your EHR or taking the EHR plunge for the first time, ask your vendor if their platform is designed specifically for your world.

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