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Aymira Healthcare Technologies’ complete software solution for the I/DD and Mental Health service providers is called OnTarget. OnTarget is more than an EHR, it has everything you need to manage your business: Clinical Documentation, Time Sheets, EVV Integration, Scheduling, Personnel Records, Billing, Payroll, AP & GL, Webforms and much more. OnTarget optimizes operational efficiencies and improves the financial metrics and clinical management of behavioral health consumers, allowing your providers to spend more time with service recipients and their families.

Aymira Healthcare Technologies

OnTarget – Much More than an EHR

What is the value of having a partner that gets you? Working with a company that understands your industry – and understands your unique niche inside that industry – can make all the difference. We’re not just a bunch of techie programmers who make software. We are clinicians, medical billers and CPAs who do just what you do every day.

OnTarget was specifically designed to meet the needs of Human Services providers. Built for both clinical professionals and administrative users, OnTarget is the integration platform that easily connects and automates processes across thousands of features. Therefore, enabling dramatic gains in efficiency and service quality.

Clinical Documentation, Time Sheets, Scheduling, Personnel Records, Billing, Payroll, AP&GL, Webforms and much more. Designed from the ground up specifically for behavioral health providers.

No more paper records. Everything in one place.

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