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Aymira Healthcare Technologies provides the tools and platform for human service organizations to complete their mission. Through the realization of operational efficiencies, improved financial standing, and enhanced clinical management we empower our customers and the lives of those that they serve. OnTarget is a complete software solution for the I/DD and Mental Health service providers.

Aymira Healthcare Technologies

OnTarget Agency Management Platform

OnTarget seamlessly controls all aspects of your agency’s business cycle. The integrated modules eliminate redundant entries in multiple systems to produce a concise, manageable, and real-time picture of your entire agency.

The platform is completely modular and can be customized to your agency’s specific needs. In addition, the platform allows for an unlimited number of users, clients, and reporting. Reports can be exported into common formats.

OnTarget will minimize your workflow bottlenecks and billing delays, improve provider engagement, and allow you to focus on your customers.

OnTarget will optimize your operational efficiencies and improve the financial metrics and clinical management of consumers, allowing your providers to spend more time with customers and their families.

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