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Our fully integrated technology solutions, coupled with our unique service model, enable you to improve the performance of your organization. OnTarget Clinical leverages industry best practice standards to help you realize substantial gains in both quality and efficiency, while improving ease of use for your entire clinical team.

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AR Analysis

It’s really hard to solve a problem that you don’t fully understand. Our AR Analysis services are designed to help you pinpoint exactly why claims are not paying and take action to fix them. We group and classify each and every claim denial so that it can be evaluated from a number of different angles -payer, service code, funding source, bill type, etc. From this informed vantage point we can then examine the root cause of each issue and work with you to design a permanent solution.

Rebilling Services

Your life as a provider is hectic. Some days it’s all you can do to just keep up with what is in front of you, let alone what happened last week or even last month! Our rebilling services are designed to help you “clean out the cobwebs” by providing targeted assistance in tackling your old unpaid claims. We work at your direction to do the work that you struggle to find the time to get done. We can offer just a few hours a week, or a whole army of billing professionals, to help you get the work done and collect your cash.

Full Revenue Cycle Management

There is always a proper time and place for buying a full service solution. For many of our customers, that decision is made simple by the realization that our team can deliver better results for less than they are spending today. Our revenue cycle management services are designed to free your organization from the day-to-day struggle of staffing and managing a billing department. We have made it our goal to provide the systems and people required to ensure that you spend your precious time helping others, instead of chasing dollars.