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Have you ever wished you could see everything that is happening in your world all in one place? Well now you can, with OnTarget® Clinical from Aym Technologies.

At Aym, we know that managing a human services agency is hard work. In order to be successful you need to ensure that every part of your agency is working together as it should while maintaining a high level of compliance and quality. OnTarget® Clinical was created specifically to enable a high degree of clinical efficiency at all levels of your organization.

The following is an overview of how we achieve big picture results without losing sight of the important details. We invite you to take this brief tour of OnTarget® Clinical, and for more information, please contact us for a full demo.


Your daily home page. Offering individual customization for every user, our dashboard puts the things that are most important in your world front and center. As the saying goes, “that which gets monitored gets improved”; and our dashboard delivers a wide range of dashlets to help you keep tabs on your responsibilities. Items like assigned clients, important expiration dates, unapproved documentation , and outcomes are all at your fingertips. Intelligent links built into each dashlet jump you straight to the item needing attention.

Your staff will quickly come to rely on our dashboard as their eyes into the organization. With internal communication tasks, dashlets tailored to specific job roles, and easy-to-interpret graphs our dashboard will help your staff easily manage all the details that make your organization run.


Our industry is consumed by documentation, and the heart of any good EMR software is its documentation engine. OnTarget® Clinical is driven by a highly intuitive and customizable documentation platform that seeks to eliminate documentation errors at the point of entry, rather than leaving everything for the QI/QM process to handle. Tools like customizable validations, field level rights controls, and assigned clients remove unnecessary decision making from the note writing process, freeing up staff to focus on quality content. 

Stop drowning in paper and bring your staff into the modern age by allowing them to complete their notes electronically . The gains in efficiency will astound you. If our industry standard note templates (PIE, SOAP, BIRP, and GRID) don’t meet your needs, you can simply create your own using our customization tools.


This is the reason you provide services in the first place. Any good client record should allow you to record a person's story. Client data needs to be created, stored and retrieved in a way that is intuitive for the user. Our client record is built to be a natural fit whether you are just moving into electronic records for the first time, or you're transitioning from another EMR system.

Data is organized in a logical, icon- and tab- driven manner that allows for easy understanding at all levels of the organization. Whether your focus is Medical, Social, Behavioral, or Developmental, our flexible record format can meet your needs. Filter how your staff views client records and set security rights by user role to ensure that everyone sees the data they need, but no more. When the time comes for analysis, be assured that you’ll be able to evaluate your population served by a wide range of criteria to better affect the direction of your agency and the services it provides.


In Human Services, employees are your product. The quality of your organization depends on the quality of your workforce. Our employee module allows you to easily store and manage the critical data you need to ensure that employees work when and how they should. Elements such as credentialing , training, licensure, and client-specific instructions are all seamlessly managed. Through integration with the other clinical modules, HR compliance is consistently maintained. 

Hard to track compliance items like knowing when staff training expires, BEFORE it happens, or ensuring that client specific training rules are followed during every encounter, are easily managed.


No one solution will ever fit everyone’s needs. By offering user-managed configuration tools OnTarget® Clinical allows you to design a system that suits your specific workflow. Customization options include: modifiable field labels (one person’s consumer is another's client), custom note templates (in addition to standards like PIE, Grid, SOAP and BIRP), and extensive list management in the Clients, Employees, and Services modules. The end result is a system that adapts to your needs, rather than making you conform to it.


Protected health information is serious business, and so are your corporate finances. Our comprehensive compliance module is built to ensure that NO ONE sees data that you don’t want them to, period. With training from Aym staff, you will learn to manage 100% of your security and user accounts independently. This gives you the freedom to design the right access limits for each and every employee. Using efficient tools like user roles, data access groups, and cost center login, OnTarget® Clinical ensures security is handled. 

Once your security needs are properly planned for and executed, you will find that your staff enjoy their software experience to its fullest. By limiting the information that doesn’t pertain to their job role, you are better able to provide a clean and focused user experience, not to mention limiting the opportunity for errors.

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