Meet OnTarget

Have you ever wished you could see everything happening in your world all in one place? Well now you can, with OnTarget Clinical from Aym Technologies.



Offering individual customization for every user, our dashboard puts things that are most important in your world front and center. As the saying goes, “that which gets monitored gets improved” and our dashboard delivers a wide range of dashlets to help keep tabs on your responsibilities.


Scheduling is the heart beat of any human services agency. Consumers and staff members are constantly coming and going and you need a way to plan and monitor what everyone is doing. Our intuitive calendar tool lets you do just that and more! You can manage the entire agency’s calendar, or just your own, all backed by the OnTarget validation engine to ensure that non-compliant activities are prevented from happening.


Documentation is key in human services. Without it you can’t measure outcomes, justify services, or even get paid for them. Our documentation engine is both powerful and flexible. It contains industry standard note types like PIE, SOAP, GRID and others, but more importantly you can customize it to meet your specific needs. The entire workflow is validated at all points in the note lifecycle and all note activity seamlessly moves through the billing process once approved.


Our client record is built to be a natural fit whether you are just moving into electronic records for the first time, or you’re transitioning from another EMR system. Store essentials like vitals, medications, lab orders, plus with our document management system (DMS) you can upload and store any document.


Our employee module allows you to easily store and manage the critical data you need to ensure that employees work when and how they should. Through integration with other clinical modules, HR compliance is consistently maintained.

Time Sheets

Accounting for staff time is often the most challenging task inside of any agency; let alone validating time against the clinical documentation. OnTarget eliminates the hassle by tapping into the power of the notes engine. Time worked is pulled directly from the notes and imported to become the building blocks of the time sheet. Once approved, this time imports directly into the payroll module for processing, thus eliminating hours of redundant entry and reconciliation.

Back Office

Provider agencies are more than just clinical entities, they are also businesses. You have to pay bills, track expenses, manage staff training, transmit billing, receive payments, and the list goes on and on. Our back office suite is designed to step in where most EHR solutions end. By fully addressing the operational needs of an agency, and integrating that data with our clinical package, we can greatly improve efficiency.