About Us

Aym Technologies is the creator of OnTarget, an affordable, flexible, and powerful software solution for Health and Human Service Provider Agencies. OnTarget seamlessly controls all aspects of the Provider’s business cycle. Our integrated modules eliminate redundant entries in multiple systems that do not communicate with each other, and produce a concise picture of your whole agency.

More information about Aym Technologies, LLC can be found at www.ontargetconnect.com, follow us on Twitter @OTClinical or Facebook.

Meet our staff

Lewis Quinn

Joe Speidel

Skylar Kramer
Implementation Manager

Colin Clark
Chief Financial Officer

Dennis Graham
System Architect

Raheed Saunders
Regional Business Development Director

Sarah Boatman-Taylor
 Business Development

Dan Mullis
Implementation Specialist

Wendy Wu

Loren Snyder

Melanie Main
Account Analyst

Tanya Thorn
Account Analyst

Denise Freeman
Account Analyst Manager

Michelle Coker
Account Analyst

Sarah NewKirk
Account Analyst

Crystal Hyatt
Account Analyst

Shawn Keeney
Technical Support

Tyler Smith
Jr. Software Developer

Ryan Mccalla
Technical Support